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Welcome to Montview Elementary

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This month we're focusing on Habit #7 "Sharpen the Saw"; Congratulations to the 4th grade again, for having the highest average attendance for the 3rd quarter with 94.97%. Our goal is 98%-we are getting there. Montview student art work being displayed at the Town Center at Aurora/lower level by Macy's from April 10th-22nd. Thanks Mr. Olson!

Our Vision:
Montview is an environment that on all levels synergizes to create the conditions for their students and staff to exceed their academic, social, and civic potential.

Don't forget...words can hurt!

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APS Nondiscrimnation Notices

EPR day, Friday April 21st-No School; Montview Carnival Thursday May 18th from 5:30-7:00 pm; Last day of Preschool (May 23rd); Last day of school for K-5th-May25th.<>


Four Montview 5th graders participated in the Math24 Tournament recently. Thanks to 5th grade teacher Kora Flaming for being our teacher sponsor for Montview. Here are some candid shots of them.

Congratulations to our participants Iram Herrera, Allyson Martinez, Brianna Morales, and Dianna Morales-Dianna finished in the final four of 64 5th grade students. 

Montview Choir/1st grade and Kindergarten Spring program

Here's a link to the Spring Concerts:

Montview Choir


1st grade

2016-2017 Super School News @ PBS

Recently, a group of 5th graders participated in a newscast at RMPBS to tell about our school. Thanks again to 5th grade teacher Kora Flaming and Art Teacher Jon Olson for their support.

Here's the video clip of their experience: 

The SSN will be airing on RMPBS Tuesday 10:55 am, Thursday 2:55 pm, and Saturday 10:55 am (the following two weeks.)



Montview 2nd grade/3rd grade Music Programs

In case you missed these fabulous programs by the 2nd and 3rd graders recently, here is the taped version of the programs.

Thanks again to Ms. Bencomo for her stellar leadership in directing these programs.

2nd-A Ram Sam Sam


2nd-My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

2nd-El Juego Chirimbolo

3rd-Frere Jacques

3rd-Loch Lomond

3rd-Aquarium-Carnival of the Animals

3rd-Turn the Glasses Over

Montview Leadership Day 2017

We want to thank our parents and community members for participating in our recent Leadership Day--here are some of the highlights, thanks to Mr. Portoghese and the film crew.


Ameritowne 2017 : From the lens of a student…

All of the images for this clip were taken by Saari Ashemu, 5th grade at Montview--she really has a good eye!

Ameritowne 2017

Here are some candid shots of 5th graders at Young Ameritowne during this year's field trip.

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