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Multimedia Central:

Students in 3rd-5th grade have started off the 2012-2013 school year with a multimedia project to highlight the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. This was their task: find 15-25 images from the NBC Summer Olympics site and download to their respective Dropbox folder; then, using Free Play Music site, download at least 2-3 audio clips, and finally mash it together using Photostory to create their movie. Here are the student final products. *These files link to YouTube, where the wmv files sit---if you have Real Player, you can download these clips to your personal computer.*

3rd Grade  4th Grade 5th Grade
Weiner Mize Ray
Jesus Steven Gisela
Carlos  Tracie  Kenya 
Joanne  Kimberly Allen 
Cristal  Jeffry  Melody 
Pedro  Israel  Nadia 
Jais  Adriana  Nevaeh 
Zuleima  John  Perla 
Joel  Destini  Autumn 
Saul  Donovan  Chris 
Jaime  Galilea  Jabes 
Jacqueline Jacob  Kevin 
Angel  Joseph  Destinee 
Bernadette  Ivan  Alexandra 
Luis  Richeal  Luz 
Gerardo  Karla  Isreal 
Essence  Jose  Branden 
Angel Z Marcos  Alma 
Mayra Melissa  Ajani 
Jade Armando Wesley
Alejandro  Ky'lani Lizbeth
Mia  Leslye David
Yareli  Alma Mario
Andrew Alexis  
  Vanessa  Kouba
  Luis V Eduardo
  Ellen Mar'Che 
 Allison2  Granchelli Aaliyah 
  Kevin Saul 
  Dayana  Joseph 
 Dutcher Manuel  Christian 
  America  Qumari 
  Evelyn  Derek 
Arely Dulce  Alfredo 
Leslie  Zoar  Wisdom 
Allison  Anisha  Tyrone 
Destanie Isaac  Vanessa 
Javier  Vanessa  Armando 
Bryce  Leovardo  Taylor 
Noelle Luis  Geo 
Nadine Zachary  Cody 
Lexy Damion  Raeona 
Kalise Paulina  Jessica 
Elizabeth  Shellie  Mayrani 
Eric   Nakyla  Anahi 
Anthony Bryant  Vanessa P 
Aurora  Kanyia  Lanyiia 
Kiana  Lisset  Nya 
Jose Joanna  Makayla 
Zed  Cassandra   
Jonathan  Jimena   Flaming
Nicole Antonio   Diego
Chris    Eduardo 
   Bollig Clarissa 
  Josiah Lennard 
  Jahvontay  Corey 
  Shelby Samantha  Amy
Jacob Nayzeth  Genesis 
Jacob S Emely  Peter 
  Leslie  Alejandra 
  Jorge  Ali 
Alejandro Gisselle  Brian 
Connor  Delaney  Josue 
Kikai  Adriana  Jenny 
Anthony  Oscar  Tamra 
Randy Gabriel  John 
Andrea Antonio  Aaliyah 
Jaqayja Journey  Edward 
Mackenzie Aliyah Dayona 
Marlen  Genesis  Victor 
Kimberly Goran Heather 
Ruth  Samanta  Roberto 
Gerson  Adan  Jesus 
Alexis   Caitlyn  Atrayzon 
Sean   T haddeus  
Jessica Johan   
Abigail  Belen   
Ivon  Hannah   
Nestor Jordan   

Welcome to our school--by the boys in 5th Grade cluster
Switch Stories: in Art with Mr. Olson, students designed a switch. They are everywhere in the Montview building. Some examples are a switch for hairy or bald or Hope to Despair. In technology, students are creating a what if the switch is engaged? What would happen? They have many mediums to choose from--creating a newscast (video or audio), a short story, a text message conversation between friends, a public service announcement, etc. Here are some of the audio samples: