Mia Robinson Principal
Teacher Grade Voice Mail Number
Dayla King
Rocio Perez
Jennifer Dupre
Dawn Medina
Katie Heinzerling 
1st grade
Suzanne Betts
1st grade
Lauren Nelson 1st-2nd combo 63560 
Brenda Bowman 2nd Grade/LIT 64444 
Robin Wiley 2nd Grade  63132
Annie Shelby 2nd Grade/Math 63335
Robyn Patnoi 3rd Grade LIT 63124
Janie Weiner Interventionist 64456
Yasamen Mojahed 3rd Grade 63535
Lydia Klingensmith 3rd grade 43289
Ashley Scroggins 4th grade/LIT 43284
Flor Rodriguez 4th Grade/UCD  43289
Allyson Lewis 4th grade 43292
Rachel Austin 4th grade  
Melissa Beach Intervention  
Amy Quick 5th/MathTL/ 64415
Julie Granchelli 5th grade
Emily Kouba 5th grade 64368
Teaching Partner/Teacher Leader/UCD/ELA\Intervention
Ally Lewis Math TL/Interm  
Flor Rodriguez UCD Coordinator 43289
Amy Quick Math TL/Intermediate 43293
Annie Shelby MathTL/Primary 43280
Brenda Bowman ELA Coordinator 43289
Janie Weiner Interventionist  
Special Education
Rachel Prosser Nurse  23229
Jan Leonhardt Sped Teacher 23230
Courtney Comfort Sped Teacher 23228
  Mental Health 23227
Natalie Thomas Social Worker 23229
Laurie Boticke Speech Therapist 23223
Nora Alcazar Para Professional 43283
Kelli Caswell Para Professional 43283
Jacquelyne Montour Para Professional 43283
Tifany Heflin Para Professional 43283
Theresa Gorman Para Professional 43283
Dina Rodgers Para Professional 43283
David Romero Para Professional 43283
Sarah Butler Music Teacher 62846
Ed Portoghese PE Teacher 63117
John Olson Art Teacher 64859
Rick Weeks Technology 64533
Office Staff
Mia Robinson Principal 23203
Susan Hamilton Secretary 23201
Jenny Ramirez Clerk 23202
Edna Daneau  Health Clerk 23204
Nedra Hall Family Liaison 23234
Sangita Patel Vice Principal 23238
Food Services
Susie Hager-Locke Kitchen Mgr 23206
Claudia Quezada Cook 23206
Tracey Rudy Cook 23206
Custodial Staff
Amanda Huerta Head Custodian 23208
Martha Torres Night Custodian 23208
Maria Perez-Cardenas Night Custodian 23208




Who We Are


  • We have 450 students in an urban setting.
  • Montview is a Title I school in Aurora Public Schools located in Aurora, Colorado.
  • The students we serve come to us from a variety of backgrounds with highly individualized needs:
  • Over 92% of students receive free or reduced lunches.
  • The percentage of students whose primary language is not English reaches over 80%. At least nine different languages are represented at Montview.
  • The transiency rate for students at our school is over 125%.
  • Approximately three-fourths of our students are Hispanic, with the rest of the population made up of African-American, Asian, Caucasian, and Native American.


Our Partnership Programs 

  • In partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver, Montview serves as a Professional Development School for teacher candidates.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged through Family Nights and conferences. PTO holds fundraisers to provide assemblies and supplies.
  • Our dedication to technology can be observed in our classrooms and technology lab, where students operate the latest technological equipment as tools for learning, including every classroom having Promethean technology.
  • Our Affective Education team provides services to students and families to increase productive behavior, problem solving, conflict resolution and resiliency.

Our Points of Pride

  • Montview has been recognized as an exemplary elementary school, receiving many awards and accolades for our innovative teaching and high student achievement.
  • Montview was one the 2012 Foundations for Great Schools
  • Montview ranked 10th in Math CSAP scores in all of Colorado.
  • Montview has received the Exemplary Reading Program award from the International Reading Association.
  • The United States Department of Education presented Montview with the National Award for Model Professional Development, a Certificate of Merit for outstanding progress towards excellence in compensatory education and a Title I Schoolwide Project Award .
  • The Colorado Department of Education highlighted Montview in a publication showcasing schools moving successfully toward the Colorado Content Standards and Goals 2000.
  • The school was also recognized as a Governor's Educational Creativity Initiative School.